RF Energy LLC is working under  trademark. The company is ambitious heating and air conditioning equipment importer and wholesaler whose clients are cooling-, heating-, and air-handling equipment installers, air conditioner-selling saloons and service companies. Our company’s goal is to offer well-honored solutions and pleasant service for its customers.

RF ENERGY product portfolio consist of air conditioners, heat pumps, chillers, water cooling equipment, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and installation materials. We are official distributor and after service provider of LG and RHOSS air conditioning equipment in Estonia.

RF ENERGY is well aware that after service is playing important role in customer satisfaction and has signed service agreement with several well capable service company’s whose duties are to provide warranty and after warranty service and repairs for equipment sold by it. Selected partners have workers with long experience in service of HVAC equipment, with professional certificate of Refrigiration Mechanic and FOKA licence.

Our Services

Our main suppliers are outlined below.

  1. LG HVAC solutions

    LG Electronics is a division of the LG Group founded in 1947. LG air conditioners were first manufactured in 1968. With inverter driven commercial and residential air conditioning equipment and controls, LG is among the world’s largest volume compressor and HVAC manufacturers with 8 production sites. www.lgeaircon.com

  2. GREE HVAC solutions

    Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai (“Gree”) is the largest specialized air conditioner enterprise in the world.

    Including Zhuhai headquarters, we have 6 production bases located in Chongqing, Brazil, Hefei, Pakistan and Vietnam with over 40,000 employees in total. Our annual production capacity is over 27 million sets of residential air conditionners and 2 million sets of commercial air conditionners. In 2008, we reached total revenue 42.2 billion Yuan (approximately 6.18 billion USD). www.greeac.com

  3. FELZER HVAC solutions

    Felzer – it is a living company. We understand that favorable working environment helps to increase working efficiency and productivity. A friendly and welcoming atmosphere – this is what we are striving for in Felzer. Baltic comfort arise at home. www.felzer.lv

  4. DEVATEC humidification solutions

    For more than 30 years, Devatec has been innovating in research and manufacturing humidification solutions.

    Always in advance of technology, Devatec engineers were the first to launche on market a complete solution such as ElectroVap with its disposable or cleanable cylinder and its LCD display, CMC (for small steam flow) with its steam blower, steam bath units, spray stainless steel nozzles, Venturi for room direct display, Quick pack BV system for pre-assembled nozzle facilitating installation, ultrasonic for an AHU or duct or cool room humidification. www.devatec.com

Our Vision

To be most preferable HVAC solution provider on the wholesale market.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?